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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

Keyword Suggestion Tool is a free tool that can help you optimize your website for more traffic and better search engine ranking. It’s completely free to use, and there’s no limit to the number of searches you can perform with it. All you need to do is enter the keywords that describe your site, and then Keyword Suggestion Tool will give you a list of related keywords that are based on Google’s search algorithm, giving you lots of new options to choose from when you’re choosing titles and writing your pages. One of the many strategists that website owners and SEO experts heavily use these days is the use of keywords in their content. Choosing and using the right keywords in your article is a big help in improving your search engine page ranking and your site traffic. This is why businesses and entrepreneurs invest heavily on keyword SEO services.

This keyword research tool comes with the following features:

  • Up to 100 different keyword suggestions per search.
  • The recent popularity/trending record of the keyword based on Google Trends. This helps you see whether the keyword is declining or increasing in popularity.
  • Options to check related keywords, keyword position, and long-tail keywords for the original keyword you entered.

How To Use Keywords Suggestion Tool

The tool works great for creating both local and national search volumes for keywords. If you're unfamiliar with what these terms mean, let me explain. Local search volumes are how many people in your area are searching for a particular keyword. National search volumes are how many people in a specific country or region are searching for that same keyword. For example, if I type tacos into Keyword Suggestion Tool, it will give me an average monthly search volume of 1,931 searches (1,457 U.S., 1/16/2016). This is important because my local results would be wildly different from national results; so, making sure to account for both at all times is critical to understanding what keywords your audience actually uses!

To use this online keyword finder, simply follow these steps:

Step #1: Get on the above-the-fold section of the Keyword Analysis Tool page 

Step #2: Enter your desired keyword in the space provided and select the country you want to base your search on.

Step #3: Click on “Check” to process the request.

Immediately, the tool will return the result, including all the features listed earlier.

Using our Keyword Suggestion Tool not only make your work as a content professional easier, it also allows you to determine the most profitable search terms to create content around and optimize your website

What Makes This Different From Other Tools?

Other keyword tools generate long lists of suggested keywords. Most people don’t have time to sift through hundreds of potential keywords and their monthly costs can add up quickly. With Keyword Suggestion Tool, you get 5 quick suggestions per keyword, with a focus on highly specific long-tail keywords that can be used in a variety of niche contexts. These SEO tools include search volume data and estimated AdWords competition, which is particularly important if you’re considering going after rankings in competitive niches like healthcare or law.