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About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker will help you analyze the keyword density of your web page. Enter text or Page URL, and our tool will analyze the density of your text just as a search engine would do. Keyword Density Checker tool checks the percentage of the total number of keywords divided by the content length on a particular page. To find the keyword density, enter your URL, and our site will display the keyword density of the specific page.

Keyword Density Checker Tool checks how many times the keyword used in the entire content. Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase used on a web page. In SEO, webmasters calculate it to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified topic.Our keyword density checker can help you to repair your errors. It does identify your errors in your website content so that you can change it. Content writers have to assess keyword density before they publish or after published. So we included an option to calculate density via a webpage link.

Keyword density checker is a tool that allows you to run a free keyword density analysis of an existing web matter it is from your own or your competitor's. The free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool will help you track the keyword density of any of your web pages, or any of your competitor's web pages with just one click! It's really that easy and simple! We provide 100% free solutions, and there's no limitation on its tool. You can perform unlimited checks utilizing a keyword density calculator. We plan to add an option that will permit you to get keyword frequency by uploading Txt, Doc, Docx, or PDF files.

What is Keyword Density

Keyword density is a term used to describe how often an individual word or phrase appears on a website with relation to other words. For example, if your main target keyword is scuba gear and you have a ratio of 2% of your total word count dedicated to that specific keyword, you would be said to have low keyword density. In contrast, if you had 20% of your page dedicated to that keyword, then you would be said to have high keyword density. Keywords are one of several elements used by search engines such as Google and Bing in their ranking algorithms (others include content and backlinks). Due to these variables (and many others), there is no exact number that can be recommended for any given webpage.

How to use Keyword Density Checker Tool?

Using our free online keyword density calculator is as simple as just clicking two buttons in two simple steps:

Step #1: Enter the URL of the page you want to analyze. Or, select “TEXT” to paste your content if the piece is not yet published online.

Step #2: Click on “Check” to run your request.

Once you've done that, our keyword density analyzer will immediately retrieve all the keyword data from your website or piece of content and display them in a tabular format.

And don't forget, you can use this tool to analyze not just your own web pages, but that of your competition also to get an idea of what they are doing.

After running a keyword density check, you may find that the percentage of times your target keywords appear is either too low or too high. In that case, we recommend you revise the content.