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Time to fix your broken links! With this free Broken Link Checker tool, it’s easy to identify which of your website links are broken so you can go ahead and fix them. This Broken Link Checker will help you save time and keep your website running smoothly without dead ends or error messages keeping people from viewing the important information you’ve shared on your site. All you have to do is enter the web address of the page with broken links, and then the Broken Link Checker will find all of the broken links on that page so you can get started fixing them right away!

Use this Websites Broken Link Checker to identify the broken links on your website easily. When you click on a link that is supposed to take you to a particular page, yet instead it takes you to another page that shows a 404 error message - this is called a broken link. Listed below are some of the most common causes for a broken link:

  • The website is temporarily or permanently unavailable
  • The web page has been deleted
  • The web page Permalink was modified or changed
  • The web page was blocked by firewall or other similar software

Broken link checker - The easiest way to find broken links

The use of a broken link checker is one of those things that all webmasters should be using, but few do. Here’s why: if your website contains even one broken link, visitors will lose trust in you and your brand. These lost visitors will go elsewhere and never return, meaning they’ll miss out on future posts and any promotions you might have planned. To fix broken links and retain your users, try a trusted broken link checker tool such as SEO Site Tools' Link Quality Checker. This easy-to-use software allows you to quickly scan through all external links on your site and let you know which are working as expected and which aren't.

How broken link checkers work

The tool you’re using is looking for links that are pointing to a page that doesn’t exist. If it finds one, it puts a little broken link icon next to it and then shows you where else those broken links are present (within your site or within sites that are outside of your own). This can be incredibly valuable as you find out which pages aren’t working properly and need updating, fixing, or deleting. It helps to prevent people from navigating away from your site because they thought they found something useful but instead were sent somewhere that didn’t exist. There are all kinds of uses for a broken link checker—and many different types of tools available depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Why should you use a broken link checker?

Some of your customers might not notice a broken link, but there's a good chance that Google will. Poor content quality can result in a poor page rank, which will make it even harder for you to attract traffic and potential customers. A broken link checker is an essential tool in any webmaster's arsenal because it helps you keep your website up-to-date. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate through your website, which improves user experience and saves you time in terms of not having to go back and fix those errors yourself.

Compare broken link checkers

To avoid wasting time and money, you’ll want to be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. For example, are all of your broken links in one place or scattered throughout various sections of your website? Can your link checker identify nofollow links? How about internal vs. external links? If you haven’t considered any of these questions yet, now is a good time—and it doesn’t matter which broken link checker you choose! Both offer different features, but they should both get your job done. It might even be worth running both at once; just make sure you add dates so that they don't flag each other's reports.

What are broken link?

A broken link is also often referred to as a dead link. It is a link on a particular page that is already malfunctioning.

You will know if it is a broken link if:

  • the website site is always unavailable
  • the web page is outdated
  • it relocates to a new domain
  • it has been removed

How to use broken link checker?

To check your website for broken links, all you need to do is to enter the URL in the space provided, and then click on the “Check” button. Our system uses a unique algorithm that will process your request, and it will show the results right away.

This broken link checker is very easy to use, there are no special skills required, and anybody can use it. Very useful tool for website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals because there is no limit for searches. This online tool is totally free of charge and no registration required.