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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Get Source Code of Webpage allows you to view the source code of the website. View the code and rectify the HTML errors in the webpage. Just enter your URL and get the source code for free.

Get source code of webpage is an online tool accessible through various websites. It is for obtaining the source code of a domain name link. It is also called an HTML viewer. The entire source code gets written in a hypertext markup language. All websites provide this tool for free of charge with many other bundled tools. It is necessary from the point of view of programming and digital marketing. It's a one-stop platform to view the source codes of websites. Another tab shows up when you use the shortcut keys to execute the order of showing source code. This way, a couple of tabs will open that generate confusion and slow the browser down. It's required to have a tool where you can check the source code of every link. 

You can assess the components of source code from the perspective of SEO. For example, title, meta description, and headings, you want to explore many pages. A single site may contain a lot of pages with crucial details. It's essential to examine each of them. Each one of these tools gets intended for serving the same purpose. The only difference that you will notice is its user interface. It may vary but very convenient to operate. The procedure for utilizing these attributes will get cited in the below article. To begin with, you want to know why we need a source code viewer tool. 

Source Code of Webpage is One Click Away

How to get source code of webpage? You may have heard about some online tools, like Google webmaster tool, if you want to view page source code of any web page, this tool is your first choice because it's free and easy to use. But are you aware that Google doesn't provide the full html source code? Can you get the full html source code of web page when you want? Here I will show you how to view page source code of any web page just one click away!

What is source code

source code, also known as source or code, is a set of instructions written using some human-readable computer language. Source code which is made up entirely of numbers (referred to as machine language) is very difficult for humans to read and write. 

Why we need Source Code of Webpage

Imagine that you want to check the source code of a webpage. As we know, it's difficult for us to get access to the page sources. Even if we have access, it takes a lot of time to download all contents by saving each page manually and then compiling them together. If a web page contains 5 pages as for example, even downloading 5 pages one by one would take at least 7-8 minutes (5*1:00). So I feel very tired if there are much more than 5 or 10 web pages. But now everything changed! We just need 1 minute to get all website source codes downloaded and compiled automatically! That's amazing! The only thing you need to do is click Get Source Codes, then free use these codes anywhere at any time!

How to get Source Code of web page

Copy and paste a website URL, then click Go. This free online tool will help you can see any website's source code with one clicking. You can also download it if you want to keep it as a backup. In addition, it provides some detailed information about webpage: Timezone and Browser Agent. All websites' source codes are public, but some site owners do not want their codes to be viewed publicly, so they use some ways to protect their sources like obfuscation. At last, please remember that using the Source Code of Webpage is at your own risk!

How to Get Source Code of Webpage

In today's world, the folks see site HTML source codes at any moment on the net browser. By pressing a couple of commands in your system, you can view the website's source code. 

You can visit a website, explore all features for gaining awareness. Everything seems so perfect in front that's also called the user interface. Yet, a few people are aware there is a complex arrangement of coding. It lies in the back-end that's challenging to understand.

This language gets known as source code, in which the structure of a site gets defined. It involves every small and big thing of a site. It includes images, video links, written text, and call to actions buttons. The source code determined how to reflect each component of a website in an organized manner.

Along with programmers, there is a massive influence of origin Code over SEO practices of a website. That's the reason you need a source code viewer tool. Generally, people use some shortcut keys to get the source code of a web page. It changes based on operating systems and browsers. Ctrl+U is the shortcut key to get the source code by an internet site in the Windows operating system.

Chrome & Safari of Macbook requires Option+Control +U button to command source code. When you press these keys altogether, your site's source code will generate.

If one can use simple shortcut keys for obtaining the source code, then what's the need for a tool. The answer gets hidden in the below article. Read to gain your knowledge.

The website structure depends on HTML and CSS Code. With these two standard web languages, any site can get developed with beautiful design. Other components like text, images, the headline will also play a role in design aspects. While considering all these, the website will be tricky to the traffic.