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About Page Speed Checker

Make your site load faster! Know how quickly your website loads. Enter the domain or URL into the field below, and click “Check Page Speed.” In no time, you will get the detailed results. Website speed gets considered as one of the notable aspects of the Google algorithm. An SEO specialist's job is to offer its clients the best services to rank high in the search engine. The tool figures out the demerits involved with lowering the relevant site's speed. It can uplift the place of the customer's site at a higher level.

The more time your website takes to load, the less likely it will be that your visitors will complete their tasks and then come back later to visit your site again. If they don’t return, you won’t get another chance to convert them into buyers or members. As such, Google speed is an important factor in search engine rankings, so it’s vital that you make sure your site loads quickly and efficiently across all devices and all of your pages in order to rank higher in search results. Here are some tips for making sure your Google speed test results are as fast as possible.

Just paste in your homepage URL and click Start Test. After a few seconds, you'll get a results page like below that provides a list of different resources that load on your page along with their respective load times (in seconds). The resources are split into five categories: Network (includes DNS), First Meaningful Paint, DOM Content Loaded, Complete, and Start Render.

How to use this tool to check website speed?

This tool's working procedure is identical to most of all; the SEO tool starts with a website.

  • Input the main website URL in the mandatory box
  • Enter the captcha code shown
  • Click the submit button to analyze the website speed of the website.

Website speed gets considered a significant factor. Quick loading sites get a higher position in the SERPS and drag more visitors. Thus, performance fostering and optimizing gets required.

  • The website speed test tool introduces boundless information linked to the site.
  • Offers reports about the site load.
  • These tools keep updated on any malicious phenomenon bothering your site's traffic.

What's Page Speed Checker?

The website speed test assesses the page speed of a website to identify the site's loading speed. If your website loads quiet, you may get less website traffic and conversion rates. The tool will examine the page containing images, content, video, and other components. It provides in kilobytes for the specific webpage to get used by the visitor.

Every visitor searches for the required website. They expect to load quicker within 2-3 seconds. If the website is slow, the chance is an increase in bounce rate, organic traffic, and loss of quality leads. To increase site speed, try to compress images, javascript, CSS code, cache optimization. You can upgrade to hosting packages like VPS, Cloud, or dedicated hosting.