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Acerca de Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker helps in finding out the age of the domain. It states that when the domain was first purchased. It also includes the expiry and updating date. Just enter your website to know about the exact domain age. How old is the domain of your competitor? Find it with our Domain Age Checker tool! It's simple to use, and best of all it's totally free! Look up any domain you can think of, or use our search box to get started quickly! The tool will show you how old each registered domain name is, along with how long ago it was registered and when it expires. You can sort by these values by using the drop-down menu at the top of the search results page.

What is Domain Age Checker?

Domain Age is the total amount of timing of the presence of a domain name. It is how long your domain name has existed. I,e: how old your domain is. For instance, if a domain name gets registered in 2010, then by 2020, its domain age will be 10 years.

Domain Age Checker is a tool that we constructed to check any domain name's age online. An often-overlooked factor that can impact the rankings is the Domain Age. Using a Domain Age Checker, you can check the age of the competitor's domain and the domains you want to buy. Older domains are more inclined to improve their ranking on search engines. If you're interested to see how long the business is in presence, you can use the Domain Name Age Checker tool to find out. It helps build credibility and trust in the brand. Domain Age Checker will help you identify how well the domain name performs. It checks in SERPs, the backlink profile size, traffic, and its reputation.

What is domain age?

If you're looking to find out how old a domain is, then what you're really asking is when it was registered. In addition to registering when a domain was created, registrars keep records of when domains are renewed and expired (when they expire). Those records allow us to do a pretty accurate calculation on how old your domain is! We've taken that data and crafted it into a tool that will calculate how old your domain is for you. Simply enter your domain name below, click Go! and see just how long ago your website idea started living online!

How Domain Age Affects SEO

A (Not-So) Brief History: While domain age certainly doesn’t dictate whether a site is going to be popular or not, it can affect SEO. When Google started using PageRank—which was based on backlinks—it was easy for competitors to use so-called domain-carpet bombing to harm your site. For example, if your competitor wanted you out of business, they could link hundreds or thousands of times from sites that belonged to them or a friend who didn’t mind helping them out with a little bit of spammy link building. It wasn’t just Google either; some people would try and hack into sites and drop links there as well.

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Domain Age Checker [1] helps you find out when a website was registered and became active. This can be helpful to determine how long a company has been in business, or if it's been on the web for quite some time, how often they update their website. This is also useful information for SEO specialists that are trying to identify how large your competitor's site is and how it compares to yours. Finding Domain Age with DomainAgeChecker [2] is simple; just enter in one URL at a time and view an easily-understood report. If you’re looking for more than one domain name, use domain comb mode which allows you to grab up to 500 URLs all at once.

How to Use Domain Age Checker?

This tool is simple to use. You can check the domain age up to 10 domains with it. It is fun and informative too!

  • To Use the tool, open the Domain Age Checker page.
  • Enter the domain you need to check in separate lines if checking for the age of many domain names. Make sure that you enter domain names with https://.
  • After You've finished entering all the domain name(s), click the "Check Domain Age" option.
  • It will take our super sophisticated and well-built tool to return the result in only a few seconds. You'll get a result of the Domain's Age when the Domain gets created and Domain Name Expiration Date.
  • You Can further download the excel account to look at extra details. It includes the IP address of this domain, server name, Wayback Archives.Org, and the registrar name.

Features of Domain Age Checker Tool

  • Easy to use - The tool is super simple to use. It will show you the ages of the domain names you want to test with only one click.
  • Delivering more information - The tool provides information on the domain age. It is a great deal more sophisticated than that. This domain will show the age of this domain and the pinpoint precision of creation time. You will become familiar with the exact domain age. Using our tool, you will be able acquainted with the date that the domain was last updated. It will help you keep track of the latest updates for SEO activities.
  • IP address information - With Domain Hosting Checker Tool, you will get acquainted with the IP address. It will help you know who's now hosting the website.
  • Domain Names Expiration date - You can know the domain end date. You may use this information to rekindle your site.
  • Checking past layouts - You or your viewers can check for previous designs, content. You could also check how your competitor's pages layout and design of the pages.
  • No results - You can check the domain age of 10 domains at a time with Domain Age Checker.
  • Downloadable report - You can download the report in the form of an excel sheet. You can send it into an email to perform more insights and analysis.
  • Quick and accurate - Using this tool, you can get results with only one click in a matter of seconds. These outcomes are accurate, as well.