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Blacklist Lookup checks the blacklisted IP address and domain name server in the database. Avoid spam by checking the entire blacklisted database server. Enter your website name to look for the blacklisted server.

Are you looking for your Domain or IP blacklisted because of any spamming? You are right place now, enter your domain or IP and check blacklist status by using Blacklist Lookup Free Tool. IP Addresses are a feature that a server checks before allowing the visitor to get the website. IP Address plays a significant role when it comes to identifying an individual. It is for sending or receiving information between visitor and server. It is dependent on ISP's whether they assign static IP into an individual or dynamic IP.  Every time a user sends a website request, the websites check the authenticity of the IP. Such IP addresses get contained with anti-spam databases to protect against any spam. There are over 160+ anti-spam databases available to look for spam IP Addresses. Yet we're considering the fastest and most well-known ones only. 

Best Blacklist Checker Tool Shows Results in Seconds

Looking to find out if the domain name you’re about to purchase or the IP address you’re about to add to your blacklist has been blacklisted anywhere online? Well, now you can do so in seconds using the best blacklist checker tool on the market today. In this review of the tool, we’ll look at its features and compare it to other blacklist checkers so that you can see which one comes out on top! Read on to learn more.

How does this blacklist checker works?

The blacklist checker tool simply sends an HTTP request to a 3rd party server which will perform a DNS lookup on your input IP address. Since most ISPs block traffic from known malicious sources, domains and IP addresses that are blacklisted will typically never reply. On average it takes roughly 200ms for a domain or IP address to respond to an HTTP request, whereas blacklisted domains typically do not respond at all (see figure 1). If there is no response within 200ms then you can be 99% sure that your provided domain name has been blacklisted by various security measures in place today.

Features of the best blacklist checker

1. The tool queries several spam blacklists and indicates if a domain name or IP address has been blacklisted. 2. The results are immediately available to check with one click. 3. One can even use it as a blacklist checker without registering at all, i.e., it is like an online version of a blacklist checking software with absolutely no limitations except that you can perform only one query per day by using our blacklist checker tool for free. 4.

What are blacklists?

First, let’s explain what blacklists are. A blacklist is a list of domains, IP addresses or other identifying information that spam-fighters keep track of. The term blacklisted refers to domains and/or IP addresses that have been classified as bad actors and don’t allow them to communicate with other servers on the Internet. Domain reputation is often used to determine if a specific server or domain is legit or not—but it’s not always an accurate indicator of malicious activity on its own. That’s where blacklist checkers come into play.

How to use blacklist checkers?

Time-Consuming - If you use a basic blacklist checker it can take hours to query multiple blacklists. Some blacklist checkers also have a very limited number of blacklists available. This can be OK if your goal is just to see if an IP address has been reported as spam. But most people will want to know if an entire domain name has been blacklisted and that usually requires checking several blacklists. Multiple Queries - When using a basic blacklist checker you are required to do separate queries for each blacklist/RBL that you would like to query. So if you want reports on three RBLs, then you need to make three queries using 3 different blacklist checkers . . . and wait three times as long for results!

Blacklisted Sites

There are a large number of data sets on the web that look after records of abusive hosts. Email specialist organizations and ISPs take a gander at these lists. It is to shield their clients from potential malware, infections, or terrible stuff.

There are so many blacklist site lists that it becomes impossible for a site owner to check. Thus you need to use a tool to assess if your site is on any recourse. When it is so, you must take measures to get it removed from the list. It is possible to use the Free Google Malware Checker Tool to check the Google blacklist list.

Using Blacklist Lookup

A more straightforward way to test blacklist lookup by opening Free SEO Tools. You have to know the IP address of your domain name. Enter the IP address and conduct the test.