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About Website Links Count Checker

Website Links Count Checker is a free tool that finds the internal and external links of a website. Check the incoming and outgoing link by simply entering the website details below. As the name suggests, the Website links Counter checker is an efficient tool. It counts the amount of external and internal links on the webpage. Thus a webmaster or whoever owns the site can determine the number of links present on the webpage. The tool displays a total number of links, internal links, and external links of the webpage.

Linking too many Internal and external hyperlinks results in a low-quality webpage. So the webmaster must check the quality of links posted. To rank high on a search engine, add more quality content with external and internal links. Ensure that there are high-quality links to improve your webpage visitors.

The Website links Counter checker is beneficial to improve Seo traffic. This tool's main aim is to scan all the external and internal variety of links on a certain web page. Along with that, it shows the entire count of links within a specific webpage. If the external links do not appear on the webpage, it shows 0 and only shows the number of internal links existing.

Free SEO Tool offers this tool free of cost with no limitations to use this tool. It's very practical for SEO guys, site owners, or webmasters to examine the web page links. On average, the outside links within the page should be around 2-3 links for every 100 words of content. But if the links are over the average, it contributes to the collapse of rank.

How to use the website links count checker tool?

The tool is quite an easy and SEO friendly tool; enter the required elements in the text-box and apply them. Our tool will operate in the background, which processes your requested URL. The result is that the whole number of links, external and internal links.

Total links - Total Links are a blend of both internal and external links. It calculates the total number of links on a given webpage or website.

Internal Links - The Internal links tell the number of links provided within the site pages.

External Links - The External links inform the amount of external on the site or webpage. It is the link given to other websites as a key component of SEO optimization. But be confident they are applicable and beneficial to the consumer. Our tool doesn't specify the presented links are no-follow or do-follow hyperlinks.

It requires three steps to follow the procedure of this tool.

  • Input the web page URL in the text box to find both internal and external links
  • Enter the captcha code at the box.
  • Click the button to analyze the hyperlinks

Benefits of Website Link Counter Tool

The benefits of the Website Link Counter Tool are as follows:

  • The tool is free of cost
  • It provides accurate information on both external and internal links within minutes.
  • It can differentiate the amount of internal and external links.
  • Works faster and helps one to finds the total number of links.
  • Reduces time to count links on the website page.
  • The tool Can Help you to check an unlimited number of web pages with no limitation.
  • It helps you identify the number of external links. But also, many external links result in link farm' that is not good for SEO.
  • Webmasters and SEO experts can analyze the links rely on and take necessary actions.

Website Links Count Checker- A helpful tool for SEO

Website Links Count Checker is an online tool that finds the total links, internal and external links for the requested website. This information can be useful to those who wish to increase their search engine ranking through the optimization of their site’s links. It provides a quick and easy way to obtain this information. All one needs to do is enter the URL of the site in question, click Check Website, and wait for the results to appear in the form of text and pie charts; all information pertinent to the inquiry are then displayed accordingly within less than a minute.

The Value of Knowing Your Internal Link Quantity

Knowing how many internal links your website has is a very useful metric when it comes to measuring your overall SEO health. By using Website Links Count Checker, you can see how much anchor text is being used by linking pages. What’s more, if you’re struggling with too many redirects or broken links, Website Links Count Checker will help you identify that issue and fix it so that search engines can easily crawl and index your website. This invaluable tool can give you a better understanding of how well (or poorly) each page is linked within your website—and help you analyze which URLs are most important to improve.

The Value of Knowing your External Link Quantity

The Content Strategist recently published an interesting piece on why knowing your external link quantity is so important. The website claimed that links are an integral part of any successful digital marketing campaign, and cited a recent study conducted by Stone Temple Consulting that found that having too few or too many external links [to a site] can have a negative impact on search traffic. This isn't to say you should go around purchasing links, but it is crucial to know how many you currently have and what affect they're having on your rankings. By using Website Links Count Checker, you'll be able to get a complete inventory of all of your URLs and their respective page rank.

Steps to using Website Links Count Checker

First find out what kind of website you want to check and then choose your desired search options. Provide your website URL and hit enter. The information will be displayed on a new page. How does it work? The given website links count checker generates results in real time and is easy to use by anyone, even beginners.