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Link Analyzer Tool can help you detect and fix some problems with your website’s link profile that might be holding you back from ranking higher in search engines. Link Analyzer Tool generates a report about the number of internal and external links that point to your site, helping you detect any broken links or toxic backlinks that might have an adverse effect on your overall performance in search engines. The tool also generates various graphs and charts to help you get the bigger picture about your link profile and offers helpful suggestions on how to repair broken links and remove spammy or bad backlinks to improve your site’s overall health.

Link Analyzer Tool allows you to keep track of all the links of your website. Using this tool, you can analyze both external and internal links related to your site. Just enter the URL! Link Analyzer Tool helps in analyzing the different links of the website. The tools keep track of internal and external links of the website. Just enter your website URL and check all the inbound and outbound links with dofollow & nofollow status.

What is a Website Link Analyzer?

Website Link Analyzer is a great tool to access all the internal and external links of a website. With the advent of cheap internet, Digital marketing has reached new heights. Thus it is now imperative to dive into the electronic arena to grow and expand your business. Moreover, the generation has moved on to the online world to rely on their everyday needs. Hence, this online age demands capable and efficient bloggers, webmasters, and web designers.

How to Use Website Link Analyzer?

As we've informed you about the tool's utility, today you have to know how to use it. The tool, Website Link Analyzer is an easy tool to use. You will need no prerequisites to comprehend the procedure for utilizing this tool.

  • Proper and complete URL - Analyzing a website's hyperlinks. It would be to write down the accurate web address. 
  • Copy-Paste that URL - After that, you need to copy-paste the URL. The corresponding URL gets copied from the"Input URL Here" dialogue box. Then checklist internal or external link as per your investigation.
  • Click and Submit - Your Website Link Analyzer will scan the URLs. It creates a report about the internal, external, and no follow do-follow links on the webpage.

After that, you can cross-check the ratio of the Internal to the external hyperlinks. You can supervise so to end bifurcations of traffic from your website.

Check How Many Internal Links Does Your Site Hold

Understanding your site structure is important for a few reasons. The number of internal links you have tells Google how deep and wide your content is, which influences rankings. More internal links also show users that other pages on your site are relevant and help them find what they’re looking for more quickly. And those are just a couple of examples; there are many other benefits of strong internal linking. Thankfully, we have tools like Link Analyzer Tool that generate how many Internal/External links your site holds (also get instant results).

Review Broken Links On A Website

As part of your site maintenance, it's important to keep broken links at bay. A broken link is a dead-end for site visitors and can send them bouncing back from where they came—or worse, away from your site completely. Link checkers are a powerful tool that allows you to proactively identify broken links so you can fix them before they go unnoticed and create issues with your user experience. One powerful way you can use link checkers is by checking all external links on your site periodically (like every month or so). By regularly monitoring these external links, you're ensuring users have a seamless experience as they navigate through your content—and that they don't stumble upon any broken pages along their path.

Find Out Who Is Linking To Competitors

If you’re looking for links and there are no obvious places to go, Link Analyzer is a great place to start. You can quickly see who else is linking to competitors’ sites (which you should consider contacting if they haven’t done so already). This kind of research is called competitive intelligence or CI, and it can be incredibly valuable in helping you plan your link acquisition campaign. In addition, once you have Link Analyzer running on your site, it will constantly be checking for new links so that any time someone does link back to your website, it will appear almost instantly in Link Analyzer.

Discover Spammy Links On A Site

Make sure your site is not suffering from any spammy links before you start trying to build more links. Spammy links are detrimental, which can hurt your rankings. This is especially true for websites in highly competitive industries, such as law firms or medical practices. Many times, these businesses have been victims of link spammers who have linked to their sites without permission or charge. You can find these bad links with a handy tool called Link Analyzer Tool; just paste in a URL and run it through Link Analyzer Tool and it will generate how many Internal/External links your site holds also get instant results.