Google Cache Checker Tool: What is it and why you need it

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Google Cache Checker

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Acerca de Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker Tool tells the date and time that when the website will last cache by Google. A better cache helps in better indexing. Find out the Cache details by entering the website details below.

Google cache checker Tool is an automated system. It caches your website at a particular period all your webpages. If the robots crawl your site, it will re-update the cache of the webpage into google, the main server. It is for better ranking on the search engines. Whether you upgrade any new content, the crawler is working on indexing. As soon as your web page gets indexed, a cached copy of your webpage will show when the last bot crawled.

How to use this Google Cache Checker tool?

To tool is very easy and does not need much technical knowledge for assessing your cache status. Identify the 20 Url's by putting the Url's about the respective text box and click on the submit. The tool will operate in the background. It will determine all the modified time and date on the last used web page by the consumer.

How does google cache your web-page?

Google crawler requires a snapshot of the web-page and store it in the google database. The pages which get saved in the database called google cache. It reveals when was the last time Googlebot get crawled and shows how it gets saved.

If Googlebot has already Crawled your webpage, it replaces the older form of the cached page.  Suppose your site loads too slow; Google cache will show the stored version of a webpage.  Googlebot crawler used when a crawler visits a page. It requires a Snapshot of articles, images, links, with other elements. When a consumer searches for a webpage with a keyword, it serves the saved results. The user gets equipped to access cached pages much faster.

Google Cache Checker Tool: What is it and why you need it

Website owners or people who want to find out if their website has been cached by Google often use the term Google Cache Checker or Google Cache Checker Tool, but what does this mean? A search on Google returns a lot of different answers to what this might be, but in reality it is just an online tool that tells you whether your site has been cached by Google or not. If there are any problems with your website and you have no idea how to fix them, you can use this tool to find out exactly why and where the problem lies.

Google Cache Checker online tool

Users can check online whether or not their URL was cached. Using Google cache, one can easily see a copy of website pages as they were when viewed through Google's search engine. It would give users an insight into how their site appears to Google when someone searches for keywords related to their business, products or services. This information may be valuable as businesses could use it to learn more about what content on their site draws more traffic. Even if they don't find any error while checking google cache, they should remember that pages shown through google cache may not reflect exactly what consumers will see on search results page.

How to use Google cache checker tool?

Google cache checker tool can be used to view web pages in different ways. There are many online tools that allow users to access cached versions of any website, however, we're not sure what's so special about the Google cache checker tool. And frankly speaking, even if there was something special about it, there wouldn't be anything that warrants a whole post on our site! But since we see it being useful for our audience, we thought of writing a short post explaining how to use the Google cache checker tool. Follow these simple steps and learn how to find out whether or not your website is cached on Google or any other search engine's servers